Funded Training for CITB Employers with CDC

Designed for construction employers up to 250 staff registered on the PAYE, this exceptional funding opportunity offers a robust solution for advancing employee training and achieving NVQ qualifications. Retrain and retain your workforce by accessing up to £50,000 in funding support per year.

Reinforce your company’s commitment to continuous development and competitive edge in the industry, secure funding for your training and NVQs!

CITB Levy registered companies can apply for funding twice in 12 months but can only have 1 live funding project at a time, as soon as the training has been evidenced employers can then apply for a second round of funding. These funds support the delivery of skills and training interventions.

The Skills & Training Fund has been designed to cover the difference in cost between your eligible CITB Grants and the costs with your training provider.

The amount of funding you can apply for depends on the number of PAYE staff in the business, see a breakdown below:

Small and micro-sized businesses;

Employers with CIS only (no PAYE) can receive up to £2,500.00 (twice a year, one project at the time)

01 – 49 PAYE staff can receive up to £5,000.00 (twice a year, one project at the time)

50 – 74 PAYE staff can receive up to £7,500.00 (twice a year, one project at the time)

75 – 99 PAYE staff can receive up to £10,000.00 (twice a year, one project at the time)

Medium-sized businesses;

​100 – 149 PAYE staff can receive up to £15,000.00 (twice a year, one project at the time)

150 – 199 PAYE staff can receive up to £20,000.00 (twice a year, one project at the time)

200 – 250 PAYE staff can receive up to £25,000.00​ (twice a year, one project at the time)

As a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), we work closely with local CITB Construction Groups and Advisors, who will be on hand to help you create your Skills and Training fund application.

We can incorporate a strategy to effectively bring all your training requirements for your staff to cost-neutral!

For further information please call one of our advisors on 020 8191 9090 or email 

Fast-track Route to MCIOB with our NVQ Level 7 Course

Fast-track Route to MCIOB with our NVQ Level 7 Course

Introducing our Fast-Track Route to MCIOB with our NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Construction Senior Management Course! Take the opportunity to become a CIOB Member via the shortened route by achieving your NVQ Level 7 with CDC Group today.

You’ll be assessed by our expert team of NVQ Assessors (MCIOB or FCIOB) so you can use your qualification to get you Chartered.

How does it work?

This course is aimed at experienced Construction Project Managers, Company Directors, or Senior Site Managers with experience in construction industry.  The whole programme will be delivered in a form of on-site and online assessments of your expertise.

Find out more about the Course Details by clicking here.

What is CIOB?

CIOB stands for the Chartered Institute of Building, a worldwide professional association which exists to promote and advance for the public benefit the science and practice of building and construction. It’s the ‘stop’ place for all managers and leaders in construction.

The CIOB is the most influential professional body for construction management and leadership, with around 50,000 members in more than 100 countries. Chartered Membership is comparable to a Bachelor’s degree and is recognised internationally. It brings many benefits, including the right to use MCIOB as a post nominal designation.

As a Chartered Member, your dedication to the industry, as well as your capabilities and experience can clearly be recognised by others.

Potential applicants for CIOB Membership will have to undertake a robust Professional Review process of their experience and expertise in construction management, through different several routes available. Levels of Membership include:

  • Applicant Member – ACIOB
  • Chartered Member – MCIOB
  • Fellow Member – FCIOB

What are the benefits?

Joining CIOB will boost your career. Chartered Membership gives you the right to add MCIOB after your name, which is respected by employers and organisations worldwide. You’ll be able to call yourself either a Chartered Construction Manager or Chartered Builder. And by doing so, clients and colleagues will know your dedication to our industry and recognise that your skills meet the highest international standards.

Not only that, but you will gain access to a range of services and benefits from the CIOB, that will support you.

Major Tier 1 Employers are looking for on the lookout for expert personnel all the time. Becoming MCIOB will boost your career and enhance your employability to such Employers – not only that, but you can take pride in your work and network with some 50,000 members across the world in the global construction industry.

Why CDC?

We pride ourselves on having highly ethical values by hiring the best industry professionals when assessing our accredited NVQs.

As a prospective NVQ Level 7 delegate with us, you will be assessed by a F/MCIOB NVQ Assessor, meaning that you can use your qualification to apply for your MCIOB via the shortened Professional Review. Despite other providers offering the same NVQ Level 7 qualifications, we are within very few Training Companies in the UK to employ NVQ Assessors which are also MCIOB or FCIOB with the Institute.

Please note that you won’t be able to use your NVQ Level 7 qualifications for using the CIOB shortened Professional Review if your Assessor is not at least MCIOB.

Fast-Track Route to MCIOB with our NVQ Level 7 Additional Information

Is the information about our Fast-track Route to MCIOB with our NVQ Level 7 Course not sufficient?

Find out more or Book your next training adventure with us today or find out more about our range of Construction Training Courses we offer via our Live Training Calendar at

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We have chosen WoRC to be our partner charity this year

CDC is delighted to sponsor WoRC – Work Rights Centre.

WoRC is a registered charity dedicated to ending in-work poverty by helping workers exit precarious work: poorly paid, unprotected, and insecure employment. Our common aims and mission are to help workers across all industries to learn about their rights and help them spot the signs of unsafe working conditions.

All workers in the Construction Industry must have the required skills, training and qualifications (NVQs). Incorrect training poses also a high health and safety risk to workers and construction companies.

The Construction Industry is a major component of the UK economy. In its diversity, it may range from infrastructure to mining, or from maintenance to workforce training. In 2014, construction output was £103 billion, 6.5% of GDP and in the first quarter of 2019 registered an output of £28.5 bn. In terms of employment, over 2.1 million people are employed in the Construction Industry. This places a huge responsibility on all stakeholders involved to protect all workers and prevent the exploitation at all levels. It is key therefore for construction workers to know how to access adequate training and recognized qualifications.

CDC is committed to working with all partners in the sector to help meet their social responsibility commitments and build meaningful support for causes such as combating precarious work.

Join us in supporting the Work Rights Centre by donating here.

Contact us today if you need more detailed information about WoRC.

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